The magic behind the mystery

Once upon a time

The doors to this cute little spot at 408 Hoge Street – swung Wipe Open mid may in the year – 2000 and from that day forward has been open for travellers from around the globe to cross our threshold and feel the love, laughter and friendship that lives within these walls. The Vision 15 years ago was this : “the Beez Kneez Bakpakers is to offer a fun, affordable, comfortable and safe accommodation to guests visiting our Gorgeous Yukon Capital. ” I think nearly 15 years later – one can certainly say it lives up to it’s name.

This is what we do

A Fun and Funky place like this needs some hard working and knowledgable staff to keep the hive buzzing. We offer individuals first hand advice from cafes to canyons, from festivals to fishing, and from soup to scenery.

Why you will come back

Travelling in the North is both challenging and rewarding. Inside the Beez Kneez we will get you rested and ready to face the amazing adventure that waits you just outside our front door.

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  • No nationalities, only personalities

What we offer


A fully equipped kitchen for you to cook to your heart's content

Hot showers

Perfectly clean and hot ! Bath towels upon request

Books and games

And not TV
my  guests are  twisted

Laundry facilities

To scrub yer duds

A Large Deck and BBQ

You can experience the pleasure of basking in the 24 hour sunlight.
Magical. But only in the summer :(

2 Common areas

For you to kick back, relax in and meet amazing people

Free coffee and tea

To get your day started


FREE Hi-speed internet (wireless internet too)
if you are lucky enough to travel with your laptop

Our rates

Co-ed Dorms

  • 4 or 6 beds dorm rooms

Private Room

  • Just for you

Kayoko's Kabin

  • For One

Green House Kabin

  • For One or Two

Sugar Shack Kabin

  • For One, Two or Three
* 5% GST tax not included.We take Visa, Mastercard and Debit Cards, Travel Cheques, cold hard Cash !

Where we are

The Beez Kneez Bakpakers,

408 Hoge Street

Whitehorse Yukon

Y1A 1W2

From the airport

  • Taxi : $20 (per ride)
  • Shuttle : $10 (per person)
  • City Transit : $2,50 (Bus runs once per hour, daily – except sundays or holidays, 7.22 am to 7.22 pm)
  • Walking : Priceless ! (51 minutes )

Meet our team

A farm gal from Saskatchewan that moved to Whitehorse in 1991 – stated the day she landed foot here “I am going to start a hostel in this town”…
and – although it was 9 years later and the inspiration of a Neil Diamond Concert -the wheels were in motion and have been ever since.

A Neil Diamond Mouse Pad was purchased in August 1999 and there marks the Conception of the Beez Kneez Bakpakers.

“If you don’t walk out the front door of the Beez Kneez feeling better about yourself and the world you are about to step back into…. then you must bee at the wrong address….”
– donaSun Q.B.

Nancy & Bertha
Nancy & BerthaManager & Husky
A farm girl from Mid Western Ontario who once heard a saying “If you love what you do than you will never work a day in your life :-D”
Well, since March 1st 2008 I guess I have proven this proverb true. I love the Yukon and I love sharing this incredible house with people from all over the globe. Unlike the vast majority of my guests I only speak one language and don’t feel the need to snowmobile, hike or bike or canoe, sleep in the wilderness for two weeks, and catch what I eat for supper. But recently I did hug a dolphin !!! But…that is the great part about the Yukon and the Beez Kneez Bakpakers. No one judges another persons reason for being here.

My job is to make sure you have the BEST time here . And I am very good at my job.

KlausWorker Bee
Joining forces with Team Beez Kneez in 2013 – Being from Brazil – Klaus brings the warmth of South America to the Heart of this home on Hoge Street.

Klaus has done a lot of hiking and travelling throughout this Territory – and is more than willing to share his adventures with our guests.
He adds a lot of flavour and flare with the many adventures that have brought him to the Yukon in the first place.

How to reach us

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Some testimonials

This place is AWESOME!! Nancy and Bertha are the best! Extremely welcoming, accommodating and helpful! :) The house is very homey and full of positive energy. It is a walking distance from downtown and a very reasonable price ($30/night). We would definitely stay here again.
Nancy and Bertha are so welcoming, especially to a solo traveller, first time to the territories. I couldn’t get any confirmed booking for the activities I wanted to do. A couple of phone calls by Nancy, everything was booked and ready to go. She had also put me in touch with a tour guide Teena from Who Where and How, who was also excellent! I would totally stay there again!! The hostel is clean, warm and cozy. Most people I met there are world travellers, very polite, respectful and full of travelling stories!! Way better than a hotel.
All I know is I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for the Beez Kneez.
It was the perfect soft place to land (so many times)
Saying it was like coming home doesn’t really express How Welcome I felt walking thru those doors.
I would also say that an openness exists to different kinds of people, different ways of doing things, that allow the Beez Kneez to shift and grow to suit the needs of its guests. The walls absorb the love and laughter.
Kate Weekes
That was perfect !
Cyril Glt

About Yukon

An extension of our family