408 Hoge Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 1W2

(867) 456-2333



The doors to this cute little spot at 408 Hoge Street – swung Wipe Open mid May in the year – 2000 and from that day forward has been open for travellers from around the globe to cross our threshold and feel the love, laughter and friendship that lives within these walls. The Vision 20 years ago was this : “the Beez Kneez Bakpakers is to offer a fun, affordable, comfortable and safe accommodation to guests visiting Our Gorgeous Yukon Capital. ” I think nearly 20 years later – one can certainly say it lives up to it’s name.



A Fun and Funky place like this needs some hard working and knowledgable staff to keep the hive buzzing. We offer individuals first hand advice from cafes to canyons, from festivals to fishing, and from soup to scenery.

"All I know is I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for the Beez Kneez.
It was the perfect soft place to land (so many times).  Saying it was like coming home doesn’t really express how welcome I felt walking thru those doors."  
- Kathryn




donaSun - Owner


A farm gal from Saskatchewan that moved to Whitehorse in 1991 – stated the day she landed foot here “I am going to start a hostel in this town”…

and – although it was 9 years later and the inspiration of a Neil Diamond Concert -the wheels were in motion and have been ever since.


A Neil Diamond Mouse Pad was purchased in August 1999 and there marks the Conception of the Beez Kneez Bakpakers.


“If you don’t walk out the front door of the Beez Kneez feeling better about yourself and the world you are about to step back into…. then you must bee at the wrong address….”
– donaSun Q.B.


In the 1990’s Sara’s family started a new chapter in their family book by venturing north to a place called Yukon.  Her parents heard the calling of the North and decided this would be home.

At an early age Sara began writing her own story by sharing “her Yukon” with visitors from all over the world.  This desire developed into a career in Tourism.  A journey that has taken her to some of the most amazing locations throughout the North all while teaching her how lucky she is to wake up here every day.

In 2018,Sara heard the Bzzzzzzzzzzz from the Hive!!!  It was then that it became clear that she needed to join the Beez Kneez family and begin a whole new chapter of her story.

       “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

                       Winnie the Pooh

Keenan and Sedona

                   Winter Team



We are thrilled to be spending our first winter in Whitehorse at this cute little spot called the Beez Kneez!!


Although we both generally call Vancouver Island home, we have travelled to over 16 countries in the past few years, most recently including a funky trip through Portugal, Spain and France and we definitely know the magic of travel.


We understand that seeing the world ignites a truly spectacular season ofgrowth and evolution in us all.


As we spend this winter at the Beez Kneez, we will be travellingthe world with our guests, through all the stories that we share of their journeys right here at the family farm table.... in our New Winter Home... and we are excited to be welcoming these new friends into our lives and into our hearts.


"There is life in every breath, every kiss and every bite of food”