Greetings from Whitehorse -

After having these doors "Open to the World" for the past 20 years with the code name "the Little Mother Teresa House"..... it is with Great Sadness that those same doors will be closed to our Global Travellers until we feel that it is safe to open them once again. At this point we are projecting Spring 2021 -

- This Covid Crisis is leaving a heavy shadow on a many businesses/homes and lives...
and with all of the Uncertainty - a decision had to be made in the Best Interest of Our Guests/ Our Beez Family and Our Local Community.

We can't wait for the day to Swing these doors open to "Welcome you Home!!!!" To both the Beez Kneez and to Our Beautiful Territory....

donaSun q.b. & Saralee V.
the Beez Kneez Bakpakers

                                                                 "Come as a Stranger.... Leave as a Friend..."
                                                             Please Bee Safe... Bee Strong .... Bee KickAss......


                                                                                  and above all
                                                                                     BEE KIND...... 

408 Hoge Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 1W2

(867) 456-2333